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The Economic, Social And Psychological Impact Of Displacement || Part – 1 | Author Dr. Ankur Pare


The Economic, Social, and Psychological Impact of Displacement || Part – 1,” authored by Dr. Ankur Pare, is a groundbreaking examination of the multifaceted consequences of displacement on individuals and communities. This book meticulously dissects the economic, social, and psychological dimensions of displacement, offering a comprehensive perspective on the far-reaching effects of uprooting lives. Dr. Pare’s research is characterized by its depth and breadth, combining rigorous analysis with a compassionate understanding of the human toll of displacement. Part – 1 of this series serves as an essential foundation for comprehending the complexities surrounding this issue, making it an invaluable resource for policymakers, scholars, and anyone interested in the profound and lasting impact of displacement on societies worldwide.


This book analyses the social, economic and political context in which development projects are implemented, and the consequences for people displaced by such projects. The social, economic and political contexts in which development projects are implemented, and consequences to people displaced by such projects, are analyzed in this book with the help of number of research papers.

Development,displacement, resettlement and rehabilitation processes related to three major reservoir bases’ irrigation and power projects, and three major industrial projects are studied. The role of the State, international agencies and the private industrial sector in promoting development an d managing rehabilitation of the displaced people is assessed, and the author proposes a framework for a comprehensive policy on development, displacement and rehabilitation.

This book addresses these concerns and explores how debates often become deadloc ked between ‘managerial’ and ‘movements’ perspectives. Using development ethics to determine the rights and responsibilities of various stakeholders, the authors find that displaced people must be empowered so as to share equitably in benefits rather than being victimized.


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