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Crime Against Displaced Women in India | Author Dr. Ankur Pare


Crime Against Displaced Women in India,” authored by Dr. Ankur Pare, is a meticulously researched and insightful exploration of a pressing issue within the Indian societal context. This thought-provoking book sheds light on the often-overlooked plight of displaced women in the country, addressing the unique challenges they face and the crimes committed against them. Dr. Pare’s work combines extensive academic research with a compassionate understanding of the human experiences of these marginalized women, making it an essential read for anyone seeking to understand the intersection of gender, displacement, and social justice in India.


This book analyses crime against displaced women. Crime against women is increasing day by day. It may be based on different elements of history, culture, background, and experience, but it results in significant suffering for women, their families, and communities. It is often based on gender ideology and male and female roles that are considered normal in a particular culture at a given period. Violence against women is one of the most frequent and pervasive violations of human rights. It is based in gendered social structures rather than spontaneous acts; it cuts through age, socioeconomic, educational, and geographic differences; it affects all cultures; and it is a major obstacle to ending gender inequality and global discrimination.

Women are the ones who are most affected by development and transportation. They are having a lot of problems with the displacement. Women are discriminated against in terms of relocation, compensation, and rehabilitation. Women who have been displaced suffer a variety of economic, social, financial, and health issues. When women are displaced, they often have greater difficulty making a living than men, which has an impact on their capacity to obtain housing, safety, and access to education and medical care.


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